My Curriculum Vitae ex-arte

  At primary school one of my favourite subjects was drawing.
  After taking a career choice test, I was advised to go
  for the creative direction.

  I started an education for window-dresser where I learned to work with painting tools to create advertisement-boards and other expressions.

After living abroard for 15 years, I returned to The Netherlands and started painting in 1984.

I took several training-courses, such as a 3-year course of drawing/art history and a 2-year course of free expression forms at the Gooische Acedemie at the city of Laren.
Also several years of ceramic-modellingcourse thought by Karin Heeman at Bussum and later at Naarden, The Netherlands.
By taking these courses I became fmiliar with different materials like, charcoal, pastel,
water-colour, oil-paint and also with clay.

At a certain point, I was asked by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs to create 7 full-size
paintings, with the typical Dutch tulip as subject, for the VIP lounge of the Dutch pavilion at
the World Exhibition Expo 2005.
I created a triptych (330 x 220 cm), a two-fold (220 x 220 cm) and two single paintings
(each 110 x 220 cm).

All of these paintings where sold after the Expo to Japanese customers; to a school, the Japanese consulate and a design studio.
My work is exhibited in Holland but also in other countries, and are owned by private people or businesses.
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