Method of Working

  • Many artists don't like to work on assignment because it makes them feel limited in their creative expression.
    I, however, see it as a challenge to work towards a piece of art that eventually "matches" with the expectations of the customer.
    That is why I visit the location and carefully consider the wishes and possibilities with the

    I study the colours and the style of the interior and advice what colour spectrum can be chosen.

    If you are not satisfied with the result, there are no obligations. I will make a new painting
    or you may look for another one at the studio.

    If you like you can call me to make an appointment to visit my studio in the city of Huizen.
    Especially when you ordered a painting it might be very nice to have a look at the work in
    progress from time to time.


      Work on Assigment

      See the creation of an artwork.


  • The proud new owners, Lettie en John of Uccello Grafico at Amstelveen